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IMES Real Estate is a leading consultancy company specializing in real estate marketing and investment. It was founded in 2012 following the issuance of the law allowing foreigners to own property, making it one of the most prominent companies in deepening and expanding relationships and areas of influence that reflect on recommending the most suitable real estate projects. It was established to provide professional and reliable property purchase and investment services in a nurturing environment.
IMES Real Estate is distinguished by a comprehensive team knowledgeable in the Turkish real estate market in Istanbul and has considerable ability to provide guidance and consultation in other cities in Turkey through a deep understanding of comprehensive statistical studies of the areas where projects are located and their economic and strategic importance, providing clients with unique real estate opportunities they deserve.


Our vision is to achieve professional leadership in the Turkish real estate market by embodying the fertile investment environment, the vision of investing in a new beginning، and a tangible and fruitful investment future.


Providing an investment service, real estate investment, that suits the aspirations and requirements of work in the form of business, and striving for a close relationship with them on the basis of credibility and trust. We provide them with a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of real estate investment in Istanbul, and we provide them with consultations with an analytical approach to the market and development of money by ensuring the continuity and feeding of the knowledge cadre’s portfolio. , extending channels of communication and leverage against obstacles


- Honesty (Credibility) and Integrity

We take (adopt) (deal) integrity and credibility in all of us and at all times, providing the truth of all our knowledge and real estate experience committed to performing quality and performance standards

- Customer Obsession

We are dedicated to building long, lasting relationships


It provides advisory services and multiple services with high professionalism based on respect and loyalty to customers. We also provide support in all real estate services with a team with well-established experience, trained to seize options and provide solutions with the finest service to leave an impression and a sustainable relationship with customers.



Investors wishing to develop their trade and enhance their information in Turkish real estate by referring to the experienced people, and people who intend to establish a new residence in Istanbul or even a tourist visit and are looking for a reliable authority to consult and guide them with integrity and credibility

Responsive and efficient

Owner of a real estate company.

Customers: sellers, buyers, and bathers.

Real estate community.



The local and global community that is interested in real estate and the Turkish economy and wants to gain comprehensive knowledge on this subject.


We search extensively in all real estate ownership and purchase projects and companies until we reach what suits customers

Responsive and efficient

We work closely with customers and meet their requirements quickly and efficiently


We harness all areas of influence in the real estate sector and the services sector, providing the best services for investment in real estate investment


Carrying out our duty towards managing and covering all real estate and university services – step by step – from the quality of services provided

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We Are Here to Help You


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