Our ServicesReal Estate Consultancy

We are pleased at IMES Real Estate Investment Company, through our accumulated experience with more than seven years of work in the Turkish real estate market, to provide real estate advice to all customers free of charge through our trained team of consultants who have an extensive and integrated experience in everything related to the Turkish real estate market.

Our ServicesReal Estate Tours

Once you make the decision to come to Turkey, you will find specialized staff who will receive you from the airport and drive you to the hotel, and then go on a field tour to see the most prominent real estate projects that suit your request so that it is a clear and integrated picture of the project and the surrounding area. Our specialized team negotiates with sales offices on the projects. Various companies bring you the best price offers so that you get the most suitable options at the best prices.

Our ServicesReal Estate Investment Portfolio Management

We have a team specialized in conducting feasibility studies for real estate projects in Turkey, so that it provides you with many investment opportunities and options in the field of real estate, ensuring the highest return through this investment, whether in terms of rental return or return on resale.

Our ServicesProperty Management

We are pleased to provide the property management service through our specialized team in the after-sales department so that we manage your property on your behalf. We follow up on all matters related to the property, whether from paying monthly returns or annual tax and earthquake insurance or leasing and resale and everything related to the property in all aspects so that you will always find us available By your side and happy to serve you at any time.

Our ServicesObtaining Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Ownership

IMES Real Estate Investment Company follows up on matters of obtaining Turkish citizenship through its Turkish lawyers who specialize in this field so that we will be with you from the beginning of your arrival in Turkey and your purchase of the property until you obtain the identity and Turkish passport.

Our ServicesReal Estate Virtual Tours

With our virtual tour services, you can explore the features of various real estate projects without having to physically visit them. Our team uses the latest technology to create immersive and interactive virtual tours that give you a clear and comprehensive picture of the property and its surroundings. We also provide personalized guidance and support throughout the virtual tour process to help you decide on the most suitable property for you

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