Real Estate Development

1. Real estate development and investment:

IMES Real Estate Investment Group works in the field of real estate development and investment by finding and creating investment opportunities and conducting economic feasibility studies for these opportunities and securing appropriate funding sources by creating appropriate investment portfolios for these opportunities and projects taking into account all market risks and risks of fluctuating prices and potential exchange and time calculation Necessary to complete the project and return the capital and profits.

What distinguishes our IMES Real Estate Investment Group is our high ability and great experience to do all real estate development and investment operations in all its stages by choosing the appropriate investment opportunities and selecting the best ones through detailed feasibility studies and extracting all the necessary licenses and carrying out negotiations with owners and landowners through construction and building operations through better use The materials at the most appropriate prices, ending with the operations of marketing, selling and handing over the housing units.

Where we have the experience and high skill to manage and sign infrastructure contracts to develop plans and raw lands and to develop and establish commercial and residential complexes.

2. Real estate marketing:

We have a professional marketing team with expertise and high skill in real estate marketing, which has earned us an elite group of clients in different segments of society and from various countries of the Middle East, and based on our marketing team for the work values ​​used by our group in addition to the experience and skill that the team has resulted in a large and growing number of customers Continuous.

Where we work on marketing the best real estate projects to suit our customers ’goals and material capabilities, as the concept of our real estate marketing service does not only mean selling, it is an integrated service package that starts from providing the best advice before making the purchase decision and this service does not end at the purchase process, but rather Our services extend to include following up all legal and financial procedures between the customer and the developing company and extending to the property management service.

3. Real estate consulting and services

We provide real estate consultations to portfolios, real estate funds, and investment companies based on studies of demand and supply results, supported by real estate innovations needed by the local market.

The advantage of our consulting studies stems from the breadth of our knowledge of the Turkish real estate market and a deep understanding of the factors affecting it and from our practical experience.

4. Property management

This is one of the distinguished services of Emas Real Estate Investment Group, where our clients can manage their real estate investment remotely, which saves time and costs, facilitates dealing and communication with the Turkish market, and increases the profitability of the property. These services include following up financial matters from installments and accounts related to real estate taxes and from Equipping and furnishing apartments and installing services from electricity, water and gas in addition to rental services, revenue collection and periodic financial reporting, periodic evaluation of the market value of the property subject to investment.

5. Legal services

We provide legal services as a package of services accompanying our real estate and investment services, where we make sure of the integrity of the established legal procedures and the safety of property and bonds of any legal impurities, especially when buying and selling, with a view to protecting our customers from any kind of fraud and legal ignorance, and we are working to ensure understanding The client and his knowledge of the legal dimension metric when making the investment decision.

We are working to put our clients in the Turkish legal climate and its mechanism of work and clarify procedural and legal bureaucracy while working in Turkey.